Friday, June 16, 2006

Travelling to Suriname

Facts and Figures of Suriname

Population : Approx. 493.000
Surface : Approx. 163.000 km²
Location : 2-6º NL, 54-58º WL
Capital : Paramaribo (Approx. 250.000 inhabitants)
Ethnic groups : 35% East Indians, 32% Afro Surinamese, 15% Javanese
10% Maroons, Indigenous people, Chinese and others.
Language : Dutch. Most of the population understands and speaks English.
Each ethnic group speaks its own language.
Religion : 27% Hindu, 25% Protestant, 23% Roman Catholic, 20% Muslim.
Districts : Suriname is divided into ten districts:
Paramaribo, Wanica, Saramacca, Sipaliwini, Nickerie, Coronie,
Marowijne, Para, Brokopondo, Commewijne.
Time Zone : The time in Suriname is 2 hours later than Eastern Standard Time
(EST), USA and 3 hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time
(GMT), Europe
Climate : Average temperatures of 27-32ºC. The climate is tropical, but never
unbearably hot. The high humidity can have negative effects on equipments like cameras. Be sure to store them in a dry place.

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